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How it Works is a service that allows you pay fares on various transit systems in US cities using bitcoin. Bitfare supports two types of fare systems: smart card reloads and mail order media. Different options are available depending on what transit system you use and what the transit agency accepts as valid fare media. Check the list of cities on the home page to see what types of fare products are available in your city. Bitfare will try to stay current with what's available in each city and update the info on this site as things change.

Bitfare charges no fees. An exchange rate is used to convert the face value of the fare product to a bitcoin price. See the FAQ for details about how this rate is determined, or check out the current rate.

Smart Card Reloads

Many US cities have established smart card systems to make make fare payment on the transit system convenient and efficient. Smart card systems usually employ a stored value account that you can pre-load with value, and then the fare value is deducted from the stored value account each time you ride. Most smart card systems also allow you to load monthly, 30-day, or 7-day passes onto the card, giving you an unlimited number of rides during that period. A simple four step process is used to reload your smart card using Bitcoin:

  1. Sumbit your smart card ID and what you want loaded onto your card to Bitfare; using an order form or email
  2. Bitfare will verify the order and email you a quote and bitcoin address
  3. You send bitcoins to the address provided to confirm your order
  4. Bitfare will reload your card or renew your monthly pass upon receiving your bitcoins

For selected smart card systems, Bitfare has automated forms that make it easy for you to get your card quickly reloaded using bitcoin; these systems are highlighted by name on the list of cities on the home page.

Some smart card systems give you an option to register your card under their system. While this provides some advantages such as balance recovery in case the card is lost or stolen, registering the card unfortunately prevents a third party from being able to reload the card. Therefore, to use Bitfare you usually need to have an unregistered card. If you don't have an unregistered card, Bitfare can usually order one and have it mailed to you.

Mail Order Fare Media

Mail Order is a slower option than smart card reloads, but is the only option available in many cities. To use the Bitfare mail order service, you first need to know what fare product you need. Do you have a monthly bus pass that needs renewing? Do you use paper tickets? Do you use magnetic swipe cards? How about Subway Tokens? These are all different types of fare products. Check the list of cities on the home page to see what types of mail order fare products are available in your city.

Mail order fare products can be ordered via email. Simply send an email to with the following information:

  1. Fare product you are interested in.
  2. Quantity, reload amount, etc.
  3. Shipping address
  4. Optional: PGP signature
  5. Optional: Bitcoin address in which to send refunds (For quick processing in case the transaction is cancelled)

Bitfare will confirm the product availability, price, exchange rate and send you an address to send bitcoins. Most orders should be filled within 24 hours, but sometimes might take longer due to vacations, additional research needed, etc. Keep in mind that order-processing and shipping times could take up to a week or longer.

If you don't see your city or desired fare product listed, please send us a note and we would be happy to research it for you. The only real requirement is that your fare product must be somehow obtainable online or through mail-in forms.

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