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San Diego, CA

Compass Card

Go-To Card

The Compass Card is your ticket for the Bus, TROLLEY, COASTER, and SPRINTER. You can can load 4, 14, and 30 day passes onto the card. Visit the Compass Card site for details.

To reload your Compass Card with Bitcoin, you will need to provide your card serial number, the duration of pass that you would like, and the date that you want the card to become active. There seems to be some ambiguity about the exact date that the card becomes active (and therefore the date that it expires); for this reason we recommend going for the 30 or 14 day passes rather than the 4-day. Expect the card to become active 2-3 days after it is loaded.

In the future, a stored-value option will be available for the Compass Card, which will make Bitcoin reloads more straightforward. However this is not yet available at the time of this writing. Check back later.

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